Welcome to las piedras amazon tours!

We operate ecotours in one of the most biodiverse places on the planet; the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.

We are located in the extremely biodiverse Las Piedras River basin in Madre de Dios, Peru. We are are just one short flight from Cuzco and Machu Picchu and very close to the Brazilian and Bolivian borders. 

We are based at the Amazon Research and Conservation Center (ARCC).


The Amazon Research and Conservation Center (ARCC), is a comfortable lodge situated next to Las Piedras river and Soledad lake, both of which are teeming with wildlife. It is surrounded on all sides by untouched, primary tropical rainforest, protected for over 15 years from human disturbance.

Here are three reasons why we believe that ARCC is the best lodge in the Amazon:



Highly accessible

ARCC is 4-5 hours from Puerto Maldonado airport (PEM) This means that you can reach the lodge the day you fly in. No other lodge in the Amazon with comparable wildlife to ours is reachable within the same day from a major jet airport.

Air conditioning

Private, air-conditioned bungalows allow you to sleep well and relax in comfort during the hottest time of the day. For when air-conditioning is not appropriate, screened windows can be opened and fans are available. Ensuite bathrooms with a hot shower are standard.


Best wildlife

ARCC is the only accessible lodge in the Amazon with a private lake, Giant Otters, Spider Monkeys, multiple macaw clay licks and frequent Jaguar sightings. We have a large trail system running through untouched primary rainforest, with bamboo forest for specialist bird species.

Tour packages

Three itineraries are available to choose from, but don't feel limited by these. Itineraries can be simply used as guidelines, they are easily customized to fit your requirements. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, we will be happy to hear from you!


5 Days/4 nights at ARCC, featuring visits to the clay lick, the canopy tower, Soledad and Anaconda lakes. Click to read more...


3 Days/2 nights at ARCC, featuring Soledad Lake and trail hikes. Click to read more...

ARCC Birdwatching 7D/6N

7 Days/6 nights of specialized birdwatching at ARCC. Click to read more...


There are a tonne of exciting, wildlife packed activities available at ARCC. Boat trips on Las Piedras river are the best way to find the elusive Jaguar. Soledad lake is right on our doorstep, canoe trips here provide excellent views of the resident Giant Otter family.

Our network of trails, towers, platforms and hides are specially designed to allow viewers to get close to the animals that live there. We will also have a large macaw clay lick nearby, where large groups of macaw, parrot and parakeet gather almost every morning!

If you have any questions about whats on offer please get in touch!



Next to a wildlife packed lake and surrounded by lush primary rainforest, the ARCC lodge boasts one of the best locations in the entire Amazon.

If you fly into Puerto Maldonado airport (PEM) you can reach ARCC the very same day, via 2 hours of driving and 2 hours by boat. 

Use the map below to locate us. Zooming out will help!


Despite its remote location, free high-speed internet, air-conditioning and large fresh meals are all available at ARCC.

Private, spacious bedrooms with en-suites are standard. The rooms are air-conditioned and sealed in, allowing you to enjoy your down time in comfort.

The main lodge itself has a large dining area and lounge with comfortable chairs, sofa and hammocks to relax in.


Photo credit

Many of the photos on this website were kindly contributed by Morten Ross.

If you would like to view more of his work, please view his portfolio here